2021 Annual Giving – 1% For The Planet


We’re pleased and excited to announce the completion of our financial commitment and certified contributions for the 2021 fiscal year! Our annual giving is realized through 1% For The Planet, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 1% For The Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. To learn more about 1% For The Planet click here.

Now, in this moment more than ever, our world needs help. Our complex and fragile home is evolving at an extraordinary rate. Insatiable demand for growth continues to come at a tremendous cost. As a purpose and commitment driven company, we acknowledge the risks ahead and our requirement to act, NOW. We have funded six unique organizations focused on positive, value-driven impact for people and the planet.

Arbio Peru – A Peruvian nonprofit association founded in 2010 in Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios. We manage and protect 916 hectares of Amazon rainforest (2264 acres) in the watershed of the Las Piedras river, Madre de Dios. To learn more click here

Karrkad Kanjdji Trust – An Australian group uniting indigenous rangers, communities’s and philanthropist’s to address some of our nation’s most pressing issues such as native biodiversity, climate change, women rights, cultural heritage, bi-cultural education and community sustainability.To learn more click here

Drip by Drip – A nonprofit organization that works to find, develop and spread solutions for water issues caused by the textile industry. To learn more click here

Women Engage for a Common Future(WECF) – A non-profit network dedicated to a gender just and healthy planet for all. The international network consists of over 150 women’s and civil society organizations implementing projects in 50 countries To learn more click here 501cthree –  A nonprofit focused on energy, food, water, and shelter addressing the problems that climate change and resource scarcity have on communities of color. To learn more click here

Support + Feed – A nonprofit pushing for a global shift to an equitable, plant-based food system to combat food insecurity and the climate crisis. To learn more click here


The future CAN be bright. Let’s all do our part to shine brighter.

Ryan Yacura – Managing Partner,
Current Commodity Systems

Coffee on the road – Raleigh, North Carolina

A young, energetic college city dotted with cutting edge companies and a vibrant and dynamic food scene. This mix is usually a tell-tale sign of good coffee to come. Here’s my pick for great drip coffee, espresso, and milk-based beverages around the city.

The modern third wave coffee scene, think single origin, terroir driven coffee, is anchored in Durham (30 minutes outside of Raleigh) by Counter Culture Coffee. They are the old guard of the new wave, so to speak. You can find their wholesale coffee beans brewed all around town at hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Counter Culture operates a wholesale coffee roasting operation but does not operate retail stores of their own. If you find a spot carrying their beans, it’s a good sign that you’ll enjoy your cup. I found their Colombia La Golondrina on offer at my hotel, The Longleaf, which is a great funky vibe, boutiquey spot in an amazing location. Stay and sip here if you’re in town. La Golondrina was served on batch brew on a Wilbur Curtis coffee brewing system. The cup was crisp and sweet with a raisin-like finish. Tons of body paired with just the right amount of peppy briskness that I love in my first cup of the day.

The Long Leaf Hotel is located at 300 N. Dawson St., Raleigh, NC 27603


Benchwarmers – I love a great bagel just as much as a great cup of coffee and there is no better spot in town than Benchwarmers. Located in the cool and hip Transfer Co. Food Hall, you’ll find great coffee (and everything bagels) at the north end of the building. I truly enjoyed my espresso with a cortado back. Counter Culture was in the espresso hopper and the result was a balanced and rich pour, minimal acidity, and a sweet, snappy finish. Amazing milk pour on the cortado as well. Shots were pulled on a La Marzocco Linea. Don’t sleep on the bench and miss this spot!

Benchwarmers is located at 500 E. Davie St. STE 107, Raleigh, NC 27601


Heirloom – If you’re in the mood for an all day sort of spot, head to Heirloom. Here you can sip great coffee, in a great space, and nibble on some fresh, clean, and vibrant Taiwanese food. Espresso shots are pulled on a sweet bright pink La Marzocco Strada (much like the one we use in CURRENT’s coffee quality control lab, minus the pink). I enjoyed my Cortado here. The milk pour was lacking aesthetically but the flavor and ratio of dairy to espresso was well executed.

Heirloom is located at 219 S. West St., Raleigh, NC 27603


Iris Coffee Lab – A last minute find on my way out of town. Iris Coffee Lab is a super cool, tucked away spot in the Glenwood South area serving Junto Coffee. I enjoyed a perfectly pulled espresso on their Slayer Espresso machine (totally outer space looking). Maybe more of a standout was their signature blue matcha latte served hot or on ice. Just look at that color and latte art. WOW! What a gem of a spot.

Iris Coffee Lab is located at 725 Tucker St., Raleigh, NC 27603


Black and White Coffee – Located adjacent to Videri Chocolate Factory  is Black and White Coffee. Loved the [http://(%20https:/keesvanderwesten.com)]Kees Van Der Westen system on bar. I am a sucker for these machines. I only had a quick espresso here which was bright and floral. A bit too much for my palate, but I think this coffee would sip quite well in short milk, especially with a nib of direct trade chocolate on the side. If you’re in this part of town, stop by.

Black and White Coffee is located at 314 Brooks St., Wake Forest, NC 27587